…Tyson Fury, heavyweight boxer.



1. It’s commonly reported that outside of boxing you’re an exceptionally pleasant and devoted family man. How do you leave that behind and get yourself in the right frame of mind for your fights?

Simple, I just flog the switch when I enter that ring and become an animal!

2. Your next fight will be at Madison Square Garden, New York against Steve Cunningham. As it’s the first time you’ll have boxed in America, will you be making any changes in terms of your preparation or fighting style?

I’ll be training hard and fighting hard as the Americans will love my style of fighting. I’m going to be just staying focused as well.

3. Steve Cunningham hasn’t had a great deal of success since losing his cruiserweight belt but he has a lot of experience and it’s the first time he’s fought in his homeland. How do you see the fight going?

He’ll be tricky unroll but I’ll land some big bombs on his cruiser weight chin and then it’s night night!!!


Fury vs Cunningham.

4. In terms of domestic fighting, you’re the first person to have held the Irish, British and Comonwealth titles. As someone based in Manchester but of Irish family heritage, was that ever a personal goal of yours?

Yes deffo, because they said I couldn’t do it I wanted it more than ever! My family from there but they said we weren’t Irish at first! Ha ha!

5. In connection with that, your family has a strong link with the sport. Was it something you were brought up with and have they always been supportive of what you’re doing?

Yes, it’s something that’s been our family trade for years. Fighting and boxing bare knuckle! So I was always going to be a fighting man!

Tyson Fury and father

Tyson Fury with his father, ‘Gypsy John’ Fury.

6. Irish travelling communities have received a lot of media coverage recently, some negative and some positive. Do you ever feel that the culture is mis-represented in the UK, and are you conscious of being a representitive for them due to the public status you’ve achieved?

We are an old fashioned nomadic breed of people who will never settle down in one place. We been travelling a long time! I love my people and I wouldn’t change what I am for all the money in the world! But I do think all the tv shows make trackers look like low class rubbish and we are not as bad as you see! We have ways that won’t be understood by none-travellers!

7. You’ve achieved a great deal in a short space of time and I think it’s often easy for people to forget that you’re only 23. Does being linked with world title fights against the Klitschko brothers only serve to add pressure to you or is it something you enjoy?

It’s something I am born to do so it’s all great. I love fighting and I will be world champ very soon! Love the pressure! Bring it on!

Title holding Klitschko brothers.

Title holding Klitschko brothers.

8. Talk of you fighting David Price never seems to fade. Your promoter claims he turned down the opportunity and his says the same about you. He’s agreed to fight Tony Thompson again after his shock defeat. Would you relish an opportunity for Price as your next opponent?

He needs to get back to winning ways first because being ok can make a man think about a lot! The fight with me and Price can only get bigger so let’s see what happens! When I’m champ, I’ll deffo give Dave his shot as I think it’s up to me to bring the title to the table because he’s not gonna beat K2 and he knows it!

9.  What do you see yourself doing when you’ve finished boxing?

Ha ha! Relaxing with millions of pounds, enjoying my family and wife as I’m always away from them! Oh, and teaching other boxers how to talk shot ha ha!

10. Are you happy to tell us a bit about your life story?

I’m a traveller and I love fighting. I was brought up in Wilmslow, Cheshire! I started boxing aged fourteen, had my first fight aged sixteen and I’ve never looked back since. God bless all of mankind!

2 thoughts on “…Tyson Fury, heavyweight boxer.

  1. Well done Tyson for all that you’ v done so far and for owning up and being proud of who and what you are ( unlike some of our other traveller sportsmen I could mention??? ) may your success grow and grow ..I and every other traveller i know are very proud of you and all that you have acheaved so far …a big pat on the back from us all…xxxx

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